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Role-playing Game Sites

Andy Collins: Co-author of the Epic Level Handbook among many other products. Andy is often around on his message boards to answer any specific questions regarding his products.

The Borderlands Campaign: Extensive campaign website from Simon Newman, probably the most experienced Immortal Campaign DM on the planet, although his campaign covers the full spectrum of levels.

Classic Marvel: Truly massive website dedicated to TSR's excellent Marvel SuperHeroes RPG. Brilliant resource for anyone interested in Marvel comics or the Marvel Superheroes RPG.

Creative Mountain Games: Offering many well written products to ease DMing burdens.

Dicefreaks: Without doubt the greatest epic orientated website on the net, althought its probably an injustice to pidgeon-hole it like that.

ENWorld: 'The' RPG website as far as I am concerned. Probably the biggest independant RPG community online making it the nexus point for the d20 system on the internet.

Mongoose Publishing: (NEW!) If you want print versions of Immortals Handbook products these are the people to see.

Monte Cook: Okay, Monte doesn't really need any introduction for anyone even remotely familiar with Dungeons & Dragons. Without doubt the most consistently excellent and prolific 3rd Edition author.

RPG Junction: Recently recieved an email from the people at RPG Junction informing me that they were interested in my work and looking forward to whats to follow. So one good turn deserves another.

The Waking Lands: Campaign website from Dragon magazine freelancer Kolja Raven Liquette. Contains lots of new feats, prestige classes, spells, weapons - you name it. Well worth checking out.

Wizards of the Coast: The big kahuna in the RPG world. Worth searching their website as they have a multitude of articles and features; including over two dozen epic articles.

Occult Sites

Listed following are some of the larger and more extensive occult websites I have encountered. Obviously this represents only a small fraction of my personal list, but I can't very well go around divulging where I got a lot of my ideas from before my books even published now can I.

Catholic Encyclopedia: A surprisingly impartial and very detailed resource.

Delusions of Grandeur: Another brilliant website, lots of great articles, in particular check out the gallery of demons and the (occult) book review section.

MetaReligion: Incredibly useful website with hundreds of interesting articles and outlines of every world religion, cult, mythology and the occult.

The Mystica: Occult encyclopedia, with some particularly intriguing articles on the Devil. Probably not the most easily navigable website, click on contents and then index to reach the encyclopedia itself.

Occultopedia: As the name suggests another occult encyclopedia, covers a very diverse spectrum of articles and also includes an online occult shop which is very cool indeed: cloaks, spell components, wands - you name it. Unfortunately the disclaimer states the items have no inherant magical properties, but if you are stuck for buying a present for a roleplaying friend and have a bit of cash to spend this is the place.

Simply the Occult: A curious, though unfortunately all too brief website, with not so much articles, but rather definitions of various incantations, rituals and so forth.

The Skeptics Dictionary: A more critical appraisal of lifes mysteries and strange beliefs.

Mythology Sites

Encyclopedia Mythica: Probably the best site for a general overview of mythology.


Which Norse God are You?: Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Comic Book Sites

Alvaro's Comicboards: One of the internets premiere comic book message boards, with all the major characters having their own mini-community. I can only really vouch for the Thor board, but its a very friendly atmosphere and newcomers are always welcome.

The Immortal Thor of Asgard: Chris Vaughn's excellent Thor website is probably the most in depth and complete study of the character you could ever want. Of special interest (to non-Thor readers) might be the characters link, which has rpg stats for all the major heroes and villains of the title.

Super Hero Chat: A more general comic book message board, and probably the place to go if you want to have no holds barred arguments about comic book issues or versus match-ups.

Thanos the Mad Titan: Great website for a very interesting character, notable because his stories inevitably revolve around the quest for omnipotence and there is a clear evolution in the characters thinking.


Feng Zhu: Fengs art is fantastic, sadly he doesn't update his site as often as he used to because he is busy working as a designer on Star Wars: Episode 3 (Revenge of the Sith) - good luck with that. His work and tutorials have been particularly inspirational to me and its well worth checking out his sketchbooks.

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