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Revised Monk Class

Revised Barbarian Class

Revised Fighter Class

Epic Advice Column

Epic Demographics

Epic Encounter Levels

Superhero Relativity

Absolutes: Part 4

Absolutes: Part 3

Absolutes: Part 2

Absolutes: Part 1


This section is a chance for me to to express some ideas and/or vent some rage on gaming (or more specifically on epic/immortal gaming).

Revised Monk Class

You're already dead!

Revised Barbarian Class

Whatever you do, don't make him angry.

Revised Fighter Class

A lean, mean, fighting machine. A Fighter thats superior to the 'buffed' it should be.

Epic Advice Column

Got a matter how EPIC...come see me.

Epic Demographics - coming soon!

How many Elminster level beings are there in a world...or in a galaxy...or in a universe? Answers inside!

Epic Encounter Levels

An article to hopefully better illustrate my method of determining Encounter Levels and why (in my estimation at least) it is far superior.

The Theory of Superhero Relativity

Something of a pet peeve of mine. Understanding the duality of superheroic power.

Absolution: Absolutes in D20

Part Four: Saving Throws

A solution for all or nothing saving throw effects.

Part Three: Anti-Magic

A new system on how to incorporate anti-magic into your campaign in a way thats not so black and white.

Part Two: Critical Hits

A discussion on how to change the absolute nature of critical hits including some new rules (feats, magic items, divine abilities and epic magic items) based on these changes.

Part One: Immunities

Some thoughts on why immunities make immortal gaming sterile...and I also go a bit over the top analysing an energy immunity example.

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