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immortals handbook

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Immortals Handbook
Epic Bestiary: Vol. I
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Immortals Handbook
Pdf (June 07)

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Immortals Handbook
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Immortals Handbook

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Immortals Handbook: Epic Bestiary - Volume 1: Art Preview

Akishra (Astral Worm)

This impossibly long creature resembles a massive, jet black eel, the body, or tail of which seems to stretch on to infinity. Its head is arrayed with a truly horrid snapping maw of needle-like teeth, behind which the interior of its mouth is a sickly yellow color. It has no eyes, though sunken recesses exist where perhaps eyes once sat. A single antennae arcs from the top of its head bathing the immediate area in an eerie and sombre glow. Tiny tentacles, or perhaps tonsils, grow from the creatures back, creating a squirming spine of fronds akin to a row of beckoning fingers. The beast seems to spiral and weave through space with an almost mesmerising fluidity and grace.

Angel: Elohim (Stellar Deva)

Standing at the center of a blindingly bright light this giant humanoid is clad head to toe in glittering argent armour of ancient design. Its face is covered by a plumed helm, itself covered in gemstones that catch the light and illuminates its head like a halo. [Should it remove its helmet: Its noble and mild mannered countenace belies its grim determination and steely resolve.] A pair of feathered double wings of bronze coloration sweep majestically from its back. It defiantly grips a flaming broad-bladed greatsword while a large, circular silver shield hovers overhead. The creature moves with an unearthly speed and grace, its footfalls barely seeming to impact the ground despite its heavy armor.

Angel: Kyriotates (Universal Deva)

This celestial resembles a giant with electrum skin and a pair of crystalline double wings that are almost transparent. Its face is both welcoming and at the same time aloof. The being is draped in long white robes dominated by golden geometrical symbols. On its head it wears an ornate triple crown, in its right hand it wields a sword of brilliant radiance, while in its left it carries a double rod; all three items are polished and golden.

Angel: Malakim (Nebulous Deva)

This nebulous figure is difficult to focus upon. Possibly celestial in origin, what you can see resembles a four-armed, pearl skinned muscular giant. A set of azure double wings arch threateningly from its back, seeking to further cloak its actions. Its face is hidden beneath the hooded cowl of a cloak which matches the brilliant blue color of its wings. It wields an assortment of armaments, an axe-spear, rod, scimitar and shield, all blue-black in coloration, possibly adamantite.

Angel: Sandalphon (King of Heaven)

This celestial being resembles a tall giant of indeterminate sex with brilliant golden skin and four plantinum wings arcing from its back. Its face is beautiful and radiant, a beacon of optimism, tempered by the burden of foresight. Hovering above the creatures head is a double halo of burning gold. In stark contrast to its shining brilliance are its robes, made from pure black energy, which are fastened about its waist by a belt which looks like a great green serpent biting its own tail. The creature carries a colossal silver sword.

Angel: Seraphim (Universal Deva)

[Assuming you do not die when you gaze upon it] This creature resembles a vast golden serpent at the center of a miniature sun. The great beast has four long necks, each topped with a different face, be it angel, bull, eagle or lion. Its emotions are unreadable, as if simultaneously it can show antipathy and sympathy. Six dazzling wings bloom from its back, catching the light like perfectly polished mirrors. You have never witnessed a more beautiful creature, even its motion is majestic as if embroiled in some choreographed pavane. As it approaches you feel your heart almost explode with rapture and you sense that before this moment you failed to understand the true meaning of love.

Dragon: Polychromatic Dragon

[Read the description for the chromatic dragon currently being mimicked.]

Ioun Golem

At rest, this automaton resembles a crystalline giant, seemingly peiced together from multihued gemstones. However, as it moves you can see that it is not one creature before you but rather a jigsaw of individual pieces that revert to the humanoid shape when not in motion.

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