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Immortals Handbook
Epic Bestiary: Vol. I
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(Above) Epic Bestiary: Vol. I cover

Immortals Handbook
Pdf (21st March 2008)

(Above) Ascension PDF cover

Immortals Handbook
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Gods & Monsters
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Immortals Handbook

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Above: Ascension - Original PDF Cover (left), finished pdf Cover (right).

Frequently Asked Questions (Immortals Handbook: Ascension)

When will it be available? Ascension is due for release 21st March 2008.

Where will it be available? I will also have the full release available from both RPGNow and DrivethruRPG.

How much will it cost? Price $15.00 (pdf). (Pre-orders no longer available).

What do we get for our money? See below.

Is it any good? Yes...take my word for it. Or you could just wait for someone to review it.

Immortals Handbook: Ascension (pdf two) 160 pages

"Gain Glory and Godly Power!"

Uncover your immortal destiny and gain strength from the worship of souls and the harvest of spirits.


  • Chapter One - Apotheosis: Introduces Quintessence - the immortal equivalent of experience points and thereby divine ascension. Three methods of gaining Quintessence are detailed including: the Power (divinity through force - by slaying other immortals and stealing their spirits), the Glory (divinity through worship) and the Resonance (divinity through Compact). This chapter also includes brief guidelines for designing your own religions and quick steps to knowing how many clerics and worshippers each religion will have.
  • Chapter Two - Divinity: Rules for every element governing immortal life from avatars and aspects, divine hierarchy, divine intervention, divine progeny, imprisonment, godly realm, divine retinue, and the limits of the gods and much more. This chapter also outlines the 14 Divinity Templates; Disciples (Chosen of...), Prophet (Herald of...), Hero-deity, Quasi-deity, Demi-deity, Lesser Deity, Intermediate Deity, Greater Deity, Elder One, Old One, First One, Demiurge, Time Lord and High Lord.
  • Chapter Three - Portfolios: 46 portfolios are detailed, from Air to Wisdom; and includes rules for creating your own portfolios. Each portfolio includes two prestige class 'format' templates as well as outlining a range of roleplaying elements such as favored animals, favored class, favored weapon, suggested symbol and so forth. Every template can be applied to immortals and monsters alike.
  • Chapter Four - Powers: Introduces metamartial maneouvers to make epic combat more exciting and versatile. The bulk of this chapter however details 123 new Epic Feats, 211 Divine Abilities, 108 Cosmic Abilities, 55 Transcendent Abilities and 25 Omnific Abilities.

As of January 30th 2007, I have decided to split Ascension into two books, the first will include all the rules and the second will include all the sample deities that were going to be in the Appendix of Ascension.

Immortals Handbook: Gods & Monsters 160 pages

"Unearth the Godly and Ungodly!"

The legends and lore of ancient Earth await to be awakened...if you dare.


  • Chapter One - Pantheons: Full rules for creating pantheons of different levels of power as well as different types, such as social Pantheons (such as the Norse Gods), racial Dynasties (such as the Orc Gods), ethical Hierachies (such as the Demon Gods) and political Councils (such as the Aetnean Council).
  • Chapter Two - Gods: 14 sample Immortals (one for each divinity template) including: Morgan Le Fay, Yanauluha, Achilles, Vainamoinen, No-Cha, Hecate, Horus, Dagda, Surtur*, Algol (The Demon Star), Metatron, Abraxas, Dabbat (The Great Beast) and Tetragrammaton. Each entry includes details of the immortal's allies, artifacts, background, divine realm, enemies, goals, myths, relatives, servants and worshippers. As well as the immortal's manifestation and any avatars and aspects (if applicable).
  • Chapter Three - Monsters: 35 new epic monsters from Earth's mythology. Such as the mighty Gigantes, the mutating Lunar Dragons (Typhon example), immortal god-killer Ma Yuan and the legendary Titans themselves. 6 new templates: the abominable Animal Tyrants (Scorpion King and Serpent Queen examples), dreaded Bogeyman (Baron Samedi example), the Draugr - unkillable viking death knights and the Strigoi - bloodthirsting proto-vampires. Each entry is in the Epic Bestiary format with adventure ideas and round-by-round tactics for each monster, with many icluding new artifacts or new epic spells.

*The Surtur preview on the forums is not fully representative of the finished work.

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