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Immortals Handbook
Epic Bestiary: Vol. I
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(Above) Epic Bestiary: Vol. I cover

Immortals Handbook
Pdf (June 07)

(Above) early Ascension cover

Immortals Handbook
List of Products

Gods & Monsters
(Closes July 2007)

Future Products

Immortals Handbook

3rd (3.5) Edition

(August 2008)

Immortals Handbook
4th Edition
(November 2008)

Gods & Monsters
4th Edition
(February 2009)

Immortals Index
Greek Mythology
4th Edition
(May 2009)

An Adventure
Levels 31-33
4th Edition
(August 2009)


Frequently Asked Questions (Immortals Handbook: Grimoire)

When will it be available? It won't, its been cancelled. Some elements of Grimoire will appear in the Immortals Handbook: Godsend product due for release in August 2008. Othere elements may find their way into future 4th Edition material.

Where will it be available? n/a

How much will it cost? n/a

What do we get for our money? n/a

Is it any good? n/a

Immortals Handbook: Grimoire (pdf four) 96 pages

"Awesome Artifacts and Ancient Wisdom!

Unlock the secrets of the gods and discover power without limitation.


  • Alternative Epic Magic rules.
  • 6 types of magic.
  • 64 True Dweomers.
  • 8 Domains.
  • 16 Domain Spells.
  • Full rules for artifact creation.
  • 64 Weapon Special Abilities.
  • 32 Armor and Shield Special Abilities.
  • 64 Magic Items.



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