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immortals handbook

immortals handbook | preview

Immortals Handbook
Epic Bestiary: Vol. I
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(Above) Epic Bestiary: Vol. I cover

Immortals Handbook
Pdf (June 07)

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Immortals Handbook
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Immortals Handbook

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Immortals Handbook: Epic Bestiary - Volume 1: Art Preview

Akalich (Shadowlich)

The creature resembles an ephemeral humanoid silhouette of utter darkness, pierced only by motes of light where its eyes and teeth might otherwise be. Upon closer inspection these lights are precious stones set like tiny stars against a lonely night sky. What may once have been robes now drape like dark shadowy tendrils. Swiftly and silently it streaks towards you, like some deadly dark missile, seemingly devouring the light in its presence, an ominous sense of foreboding chills you to your very soul...

Atata (Time Tortured Creature)

The creature resembles a powerful winged primate, its body wreathed in flame. Its skin is cracked, and seems to leak echoes of the ether. Its features are wracked with pain and its veins throb and pulsate, as if fit to burst, whilst its eyes bleed. It howls in rage as it sees you and attacks.

Brood Lord: Syzygy (Lord of Chaos and Time)

This bizarre creature resembles two toad-like humanoids sharing the same head, with the second body sprouting upside-down from the top of the first. Its dark blue mass is illuminated by a shroud of frozen flame covering its entire figure. Its twin bodies share the one pair of eyes, but each has its own distinct powerful jaws. The creature’s confounding appearance is further enhanced by the weird glowing tattoos which cover its body. Even more surreal is its cartwheeling movement and unearthly quickness. In one of its hands it wields a large hand-axe the blade of which resembles a crescent moon.

Adamantite Dragon

This powerful looking dragon is blue-black in color with scales so thick it could almost be mistaken for barding. Its tail ends in a vicious looking cudgel of bone.

Cometary Dragon

This twin headed dragon glows with an unearthly hued radiance [the exact color of which depends on the dragons age category]. The creature itself is pure white, but for the jet black ridge of spines on its back which twinkle as if some gaping window to the night sky. The dragon has no wings yet nonetheless its long, sinuous body snakes its way through the sky. The creature also has no tail, having instead a second head located at its hindquarters. Each horned head has four eyes that if gazed upon from a certain angle seem to be a confusing composite of two faces.

Mithril Dragon

This silvery white creature resembles a cross between a dragon and a unicorn.

Timber Dragon

This mighty creature resembles a cross between a dragon and a tree.

Quintessence Elemental

This creature resembles a vaguely humanoid form immolated in a brilliant white fire tinged with gold. Its motions are blindingly fast, almost too quick for the eye to see.

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