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Immortals Handbook

Here are the new cover designs (mock-ups) for (1) the Immortals Handbook - EPIC BESTIARY series, (2) the Immortals Handbook (Apotheosis, Grimoire, Chronicle) series and (3) the Immortals Index series.

A few things to note. Obviously those are not the proper illustrations, they are simply there to tell you where the final illustration is going to fit. Also the text itself is not perfectly spaced, primarily because I have a different font (albeit slightly similar) in mind (but I haven't been able to track it down as yet - see below for details). The publisher logo will probably be across the top just above the word IMMORTALS, so there will not be as much of a space across the top, also the Eternity Publishing text/logo will also likely be different, but located in the same area. Lastly, the Immortals Index covers will not be grey/silver (I was just mucking about with the colours), instead the background will be white with a black illustration of a world globe outline with the area covered by the mythos in that particular book filled in black.

Okay, so why am I telling you all this? Well, it can't have escaped your attention that the black cover is somewhat like an inverted crucifix and the white cover is like a crucifix. At least I hope it hasn't escaped your attention because that was my intention. The Bestiary volumes concern the villains (for the most part), while the Immortals Handbook (Apotheosis, Grimoire and Chronicle) volumes concern the heroes. Hence the two different designs and colour schemes. So I suppose the questions are:

  • Do the cover designs offend you?
  • Also (taking into account the unfinished nature of the mock-ups), do you like the design(s)?
  • Do you have any suggestions, how I could improve the designs?
  • Do you know what the main font on this website is called? (and yes, obviously I have emailed the owner of the site, who has, as yet, not replied to me.)

1. Immortals Handbook - EPIC BESTIARY: Volumes 1-3 Cover design

2. Immortals Handbook (Apotheosis, Grimoire & Chronicle) Cover design

3. Immortals Index: Volumes 1-20 Cover design

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