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5th December 2004 Testify Brother!

A number of new updates including the testimony page now being available with both my own brief writing history credits and insights into my favourite television shows. I have also added a new monster, the original draft of the Crown Naga that I did way back in 2001 for Sword & Sorcery's Creature Collection 2, and I have made a few changes to Talos as well.

I should also note that work on the Bestiary is almost finished, one recent problem was that the book is now 28 pages heavier than I had intended due to so many entries necessitating two full pages, despite using a similar sized font to the Monster Manual.

Those who can recall my prior mention of the Theory of Superhero Relativity will have to wait slightly longer as I am not happy with the current shape of the article.

21st November 2004 Updates!

Okay, quite a few updates to get through today. Sorry for letting it go so long, I won't let that happen again if I can help it, no matter how busy things get. First up is a new monster Talos the legendary triple iron golem. Next, I have an article on Revising Salient Divine Abilities within Deities & Demigods so that they better mesh with the Immortals Handbook.

5th November 2004 Release Dates!

Apologies for the lack of recent updates. As some of you know I have been working really hard on the Bestiary pdf. and that is consuming virtually all my time at the moment. I have updated the release dates and the creature list from the bestiary here on the Immortals Handbook page.

27th September 2004 Bestiary Monster List!

The full monster list for the forthcoming Immortals Handbook Epic Bestiary is here. Thrin's magic items have been added to his character stats in the shrine. Also of note is that the Godzilla and King Ghidorah entries have been cleaned up a bit with some additional information.

20th September 2004 Thrin the Brave!

I have added the shrine link to the page, detailing the humble beginnings of my character Thrin and his not so humble 1st/2nd Edition stats.

4th September 2004 More Advice Forthcoming!

Part 2 of Simon Newman's Immortal DMing advice column is about quick NPC creation. Simon has also been kind enough to review Companion to the Cosmos which I haven't had the chance to read myself yet but it sounds interesting.

4th September 2004 The Monsters Are Coming!

Several new updates. Firstly epic monster stats for the mighty Godzilla and the dreaded King Ghidorah, as well as an epic take on the Tarrasque.

24th August 2004 Quick Update!

Just wanted to let you know that I finally got the DVD of Zu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain so I have been able to add the screen grabs to the review here.

23rd August 2004 New Column Added!

The formerly titled sacrilege section has been retitled simony in honour of new columnist Simon Newman. This should turn into a semi-regular feature relating DMing advice (and more) for immortal campaigns.

13th August 2004 More Links Updated!

The sermon section has an article on debunking those who say we should not have stats for gods. The brethren section is also updated and has a selection of interesting and relevant links. Also of note is that the images for the Legend of Zu review are now working properly.

Just a small thing, but in celebration of the Olympics Google's front page has been taken over by the Greek Gods: Artemis; Zeus and Posiedon no less. No doubt this will be short lived, but I thought it was a nice touch.

11th August 2004 New Links Updated!

Okay, after experiencing some earlier problems with the website I think I now have everything sorted. Extra special thanks to Joni from MammothData, and to Erlend Aune for collectively solving all my latest woes.

The offerings section features details on the immortals handbook and immortals index. The blessings link has two conversion tables. The judgement link includes four reviews, two roleplaying books (Deities & Demigods and the Epic Level Handbook) and two movie reviews (Zu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain and the Legend of Zu).

11th August 2004 BBC Olympics Trailer

The Olympics are almost upon us, but it is the fantastic Olympic television trailer from the BBC I want to bring to your attention. Those of you in the UK will probably have already seen the trailer, which features an athlete taking on Hercules, Hermes and Poseidon under the gaze of Zeus and Hera. The BBC kindly have the trailer available to watch on their website here. The link to that trailer is on the right hand side half way down the page (sorry there was no direct link available).

11th August 2004 Were Online! ...Finally.

Hello, and welcome to! This site is primarily dedicated to all forms of immortal roleplaying, particularly the d20 system. In addition to that it will be promoting forthcoming d20 material such as the Immortals Handbook and the Immortals Index.

Work on some of the main links (at the top of the page) is still going on, so don't be alarmed if they are not taking you anywhere. I shall endeavour to have all the links working within 24 hours.

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