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21st December 2006 Ascension Updated!

The latest update is available, not one of my finest it must be said, but aside from spending a few days on Surtur, I do now have a portfolio build I am happy with (See the first two portfolios). So I should be able to go ahead and get those done once and for all.

20th December 2006 Ascension Preview - Surtur!

All good things come to those who wait. The Surtur preview can be downloaded here. Don't worry, if you just want to read the preview I'll have it on the website here in a few days. I just wanted to get some feedback on the pages before I put them on the website.

By the way in case you were wondering the next Ascension update will either be Thursday night or Friday afternoon. ;-)

18th December 2006 One week to Christmas!

Just to let you know that one week to Christmas means only one more week for on sale for the Merry Epic Christmas bundle, so if you haven't already taken advantage look here.

Okay, wheres the Surtur preview I hear you cry!? Fair point, I was away from the computer all day doing my Christmas shopping. Even though Surtur only needed a few hours work (which I thought I could finish this evening), I have just been so tired by todays exertions that I am finding it difficult to concentrate. Anyway, the bottom line is I should have it ready for tomorrow lunchtime.

17th December 2006 Get your claus into this!

ENWorld poster WarDragon, just posted d20 stats for none other than Father Christmas in this forum thread here...and for anyone trying to steal Santa's presents hes no pushover at CR 32. Kudos to WarDragon for such a great idea.

By the way, speaking of challenge ratings, for all those waiting on the Surtur preview, expect to see it tomorrow. I had to make a few changes and hes now a tad more powerful weighing in at Challenge Rating 160 for his manifestation (CR 80 and 40 for his Avatar and Aspect respectively).

10th December 2006 Ascension Updated!

Okay I just updated Ascension. It has the stats for the first ten sample immortals (some finished some almost finished) and some extra work throughout.

4th December 2006 News Update!

The computer crash last night must have allowed a virus to sneak onto my machine before my anti-virus software could nuke it. The virus was quarantined but I was a bit shocked that something managed to even get on my computer at all.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have decided to wait a few days before updating (and make sure everything is virus free), perhaps even skip this update altogether (it was already a few days behind) and update on Sunday 10th of December.

Apologies again for the inconvenience. :-(

3rd December 2006 News Update!

I had a slight scare earlier to do with a computer viral attack (something tried to force change my computer registry, anti-virus kicked in but for some reason my computer still crashed). Everything seems okay now, but you'll remember from about 2-3 weeks ago I had that virus problem, so I would rather be safe than sorry. I'll get everything checked over tomorrow and then update as soon as possible. Apologies for a delay two days running now. :-(

2nd December 2006 News Update!

Okay a slight change of plan, I was going to update Ascension tonight but I really want to get the stats for the first ten (of fourteen) sample immortals (and their Avatars and Aspects) finished for this update. At the moment I am almost there, but the skills and spells are taking forever and a day. I am fairly confident (fingers crossed) I can sort it all out by late tomorrow though.

For those of you wondering what all the fuss is about I'll post the entry for Surtur on this website soon after I do the next Ascension update. ;-)

1st December 2006 A Merry Epic Christmas!

Eternity Publishing has joined forces with GMC (Game's Masters Choice) to put together a bundle of epic products at from the 1st to the 25th of December. The combined bundle can be found here and includes:

  • Immortals Handbook - Epic Bestiary: Volume One
  • Quirin - Adventure #3: The Door to Simit Al
  • Quirin - Campaign #1: The Temporal Key
  • Quirin - Mythology #1: A Handful of Epic Creatures
  • Quirin - Mythology #2: A Handful of Artifacts

The total bundle sells for $13 Dollars (US) which is a saving of 33%! So if you have not already purchased the Epic Bestiary: Volume One pdf there could not be a better time to do so! Or if you are not familiar with GMC's excellent epic products - go take a look.

Its been fun working in tandem with GMC and hopefully will do so again in the future (when Eternity Publishing has a few more products on sale). :+)

30th November 2006 News Update!

Just a word to let you know the next update will be on Saturday 2nd of December. I have been working on getting all the stats for everyone from Morgan Le Fay to Algol ready for that update as well as more work done on the Portfolios chapter...hopefully the finishing of the Portfolio Templates themselves.

22nd November 2006 Ascension Updated!

I just updated Ascension v1.6 (technically 0.96). It has Chapter 3 at about 80% completed and the sample pages for Surtur at about 90% completed.

20th November 2006 News Update!

I'll be updating Ascension either Tuesday or Wednesday. Those of you following the message boards know about my computer virus trouble at the weekend. I don't think I lost that much time (Fridays and Saturdays are my slowest working period) but I may take an extra day just depending on how I feel tomorrow. So the next update will either be Tuesday or Wednesday.

Regarding the computer virus, extra special thanks to Alister Mathers for helping me sort that out.

A handful of new threads added to the message boards recently have been duly noted here.

11th November 2006 News Update!

Okay I just updated Ascension (v1.5 - although technically I should be using 0.95). I spent most of this update fixing Chapter 4 (thanks to all those who provided feedback and errata via the forums), but I have also managed to start laying out the format for the portfolios in Chapter 3. So I'll definately have that chapter finished for the next update.

31st October 2006 Happy Hallowe'en! Ascension Updated!

I just updated Ascension. The latest version has a 99% completed Chapter 4: Powers. I think there are about 1% of the abilities that need fixing. I'll be looking to have Chapter 3: Portfolios finished by the next update.

29th October 2006 Important News!

As a few of you may already know, DrivethruRPG and RPGNow have merged and swallowed ENWorld Gamestore to become OneBookShelf. So what does this mean for Eternity Publishing. Basically bad news, it seems this new shop takes an extra 15% above what the old ENWorld Gamestore rate...which is where the majority (65%+) of Eternity Publishing sales were generated. In the short term this won't change any of my prices, so the Epic Bestiary: Volume One will remain $8.95. Although future pdfs will probably need to be more expensive to compensate. However, I am also looking in to a dedicated, automated method of selling via this website, where I will be able to sell pdfs cheaper. I know I do sell pdfs via this website, but I think people would be more comfortable with an automated system, rather than a manual one.

Those of you wanting to pre-order/purchase Ascension, and have not already done so, can no longer do so. Not until I upload it to the new store, which won't happen until after I have Ascension completely finished. The only alternative (assuming you can't wait a few weeks) would be to paypal me directly. But, even though I have used this method in the past, with no complaints, I think an automated system would seem more professional.

Fortunately, it seems as though I can still update Ascension via the old Gamestore. So those who have already pre-ordered, nothing has changed. The next update of Ascension will be on October 31st.

21st October 2006 News Update!

Ascension Beta 1.3 is now available for download. There is a lot more work done on chapter four, and a lot of the 'donkey work' done on chapter 3. By 'donkey work' I mean most of the bottom parts of the portfolio templates are cut and paste at the moment. Also the red entries on the ability tables are just to remind me which ones were added/switched etc. I'll be looking to have both those chapters finished by the next update and hopefully some of the deity examples.

19th October 2006 News Update!

The next beta update of Ascension will be on Saturday 21st, rather than tomorrow. The reason being that I will be unavoidably away from the computer tomorrow for virtually the whole day Friday and I want to include as much as possible within the next update.

9th October 2006 Orcus!

Not totally finished (some artifacts, divine abilities and spell-like abilities to add), but I have the threefold stats for Orcus here (done Immortals Handbook style) as a Greater Power (CR 73-113), Lesser Power (CR 36-56) and Quasi-Power (CR 18-28).

In other news, the next update of the Immortals Handbook: Ascension will be tomorrow at roughly 12:00 midnight (GMT), when you should get your first look at the Portfolios.

2nd October 2006 Website Updated!

Okay, I have added new and up to date product pages for the following:

30th September 2006 Ascension Beta 1.1 Now Available!

As the title suggests Ascension Beta 1.1 is now ready for download to those who have pre-ordered. I almost managed to get Chapter Four finished, but it needs another days work. I hope to get both Chapters 3 and 4 finished for the next update in 10 days time.

29th September 2006 News update!

Okay, just to remind people that the Ascension Beta 1.1, will be available for download at roughly midnight (GMT) tomorrow. I should *fingers crossed* have Chapter Four finished, and possibly some of Chapter Three (Portfolios) for you.

I also split the recent article about Creating Epic/Immortal Adventures and the 100th-level adventure Throne of Orcus adventure into two seperate features, to make them more accessible. I also updated the latter.

Unfortunately I have to report some bad news on the print version of the Immortals Handbook - Epic Bestiary: Volume One. It will not now be seeing print until sometime in 2007. This was through no fault of my own (everything was good to go, you can see a lo-res version of the finished cover below), nor it seems a fault of the Publishing Company. But instead simply a change in operations of the Printing Company, thats impacting throughout the Publishers production schedule. I can only hope things sort themselves out sooner rather than later.

22nd September 2006 Beta 1.0 released!

Okay, the deceptively titled Beta 1.0 release is now available. I added some Divine and Cosmic abilities, but to be fair its not a great update and I wouldn't download it if you already have Beta 0.9.

So that begs the question, just how many of these releases are you doing. The reality is that I have now lost at least 30 days (3 updates worth) from working on the Bestiary cover. So if everything goes to plan (and from what I have learnt they rarely ever do) it should take until Beta 1.3 to finish the darn thing.

20th September 2006 Beta 1.0 release on Friday!

Okay, those of you who visit ENWorld will know I have had a bit of a a torrid time finishing off the Bestiary cover. Yes I had the painting done, but the logo (or rather lack of one) had been gnawing at me on and off for the past week and had been interfering with my progress on Ascension. As such, I will be uploading Beta 1.0 on Friday the 22nd instead of today (assuming the publisher doesn't contact me tomorrow and ask for changes to the current cover). Apologies for the inconvenience.

Incidently, a few days ago I added some more work to the Throne of Orcus adventure here, although I didn't feel it was worthy of its own entry into the news. A few people have asked if I will be creating my own adventure or simply converting Throne of Bloodstone. To be honest I guess it will end up a hybrid of the two.

14th September 2006 Throne of Orcus!

Its been a while since I actually added any features to the website. So here is a look back at D&D's greatest (in terms of PC level that is) ever adventure "Throne of Bloodstone" and examining the pitfalls of creating a 100th-level adventure for 3rd Edition. Its not quite finished, but you can view the work in progress here.

13th September 2006 Bestiary Cover Accepted!

Just a brief update to mention that the new Bestiary cover painting (seen below) has been accepted by the distributors. :+)

10th September 2006 Ascension Beta 0.9 Now Available!

Just to let you know that the Ascension Beta 0.9 is now available. Its got the Transcendental Abilities, The Omnific Abilities, The Feat Packages and the Portfolio List amongst other things. Its only about another dozen pages, but as you can see below I only had the cover finished on the 6th, so this is just about 30 hours work.

6th September 2006 "Seraphim Triumphant"!

Below you is the new Epic Bestiary cover painting which I am titling "Seraphim Triumphant". Its not totally finished, I still need to photoshop the scan joins so that they match perfectly (you can clearly see one of the joins beside the Amilictli's hands). The painting is 48 x 36 cm and the gold paint on the Seraphim actually is metallic and reflects the light at an angle - which is pretty cool. I doubt the book cover will though, but I'll ask and see what they say. The painting is losing a lot of detail at this resolution (I scaled it down from 65 meg to about 200 k to put it on the website), but it should give you the general idea. Let me know what you think on the message boards.

Thanks to Anabstercorian for jogging my memory about using perspective, unfortunately you can't make it too pronounced otherwise the central figures would be very small on the cover. But I have tried to use it as much as possible.

31st August 2006 Ascension Beta 0.8 now available!

Just to let everyone know that the Ascension Beta 0.8 is now available. I should point out that this is a very minor update and to be honest only of note because of the addition of the Transcendental Ability Table. However, the stumbling block to progress (Painting a new Bestiary Cover for the Publisher) will no longer be a factor after tomorrow (since thats when I'll have it finished), so expect major progress in all updates from now on.

30th August 2006 General Update!

Just to let everyone know that the Ascension Beta 0.8 will be available around Thursday (31st August) at midnight (GMT).

I should point out that this will be another minor update, because I have still been working on the new Bestiary Cover. However, I will have the cover painting finished by Friday 1st September, from then on I should be able to concentrate on getting Ascension finished. So expect greater progress in future updates from now onwards.

I will post what has been added to Ascension Beta 0.8 sometime tomorrow.

I will post the new Bestiary cover painting this weekend, so you can all see what the fuss has been about. ;-)

26th August 2006 Forums Activated!

Courtesy of the good people at ENWorld, Eternity Publishing now has its own Forum, as part of ENWorld itself. You can find the Forums here.

I have also updated the Confessional page here, to give a more detailed breakdown of the different threads in the Forum, as well as the general Immortals Handbook thread over at the fantastic Dicefreaks website.

Special thanks to both those websites for supporting the Immortals Handbook.

21st August 2006 Confirmation - Ascension v.0.7 Beta now available!

Okay, I just uploaded Ascension Beta Release (0.7). I will stress now that you won't be missing much if you wait until the next update (though I suspect that won't deter most of you).

Its only 13 more pages (Of about half the Divine Abilities) and the Cosmic Abilities table, and many of the divine abilities are themselves half finished. It was only about 25 extra hours of work from last week (since I was busy doing the Bestiary cover).

Don't tell me about spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, wrong prerequisites or anything of that nature. I also know that the Effect abilities are going to take a lot more explaining. However, feedback on the general ideas is still welcomed of course.

21st August 2006 General Update!

I am putting back the next Ascension Beta Release (0.7) update a few hours until Monday evening (12 pm GMT) to give me a bit more time to work at it.

Do not be expecting major advances with this update. Not only have I spent most of the week working on the new Bestiary cover painting, but the 20-30 hours I have worked on the Ascension text (mainly over the weekend and today) has just evaporated before my eyes. At this point (about 3 hours prior to updating) I have the Divine and Cosmic Ability Tables done (though they need formatting), and roughly half the divine and one quarter the cosmic abilities detailed...and by detailed I mean done to the impromptu standards of the epic feats in the previous update. Virtually nothing else has been touched, though I have changed a few epic feats.

17th August 2006 General Update!

Okay, the next Ascension Beta Release (0.7) will be available on Monday evening (9 pm GMT). I should have finished adding the divine and cosmic abilities by then. I know thats not much but the new bestiary Cover has been taking up a lot of my time this week.

I also wanted to point out that ENWorld poster poil brun was kind enough to turn the Event System from Ascension into an excel table. You can download the file here, post # 975 in case the link takes you to the top of the page. So special thanks to Franck (aka poil brun) for that. :+)

Thanks also to everyone for their feedback with regards the Ascension beta 0.6, much appreciated.

11th August 2006 Reminder - Ascension v.0.6 Beta now available!

Okay, the Ascension Beta Release is now available. I nerfed about 15 pages from the document for only being 90% completed, hence the drop down to under 60 pages. But it still has all the elements listed in bold below. Those of you who pre-ordered should have received an email telling you its available for download.

10th August 2006 Reminder - Ascension v.0.6 Beta Release tomorrow!

Just to clarify that I will be uploading Ascension to ENWorld Gamestore tomorrow (Friday) at roughly 6pm (GMT). So anyone who has pre-ordered will be able to download it and get an early look. Just to reiterate that this is not the final version of Ascension, consider it more of a beta release. However it is roughly 2 1/2 chapters of the book (sans art). I don't know the exact contents/page count of this beta release yet (I'm still working on it), but (fingers crossed) it looks like it will include the Event System (for determining how deities attract worshippers) the Divinity Templates (from Disciple right thru to High Lord), the Metamartial Combat Rules and the (100) Epic Feats (actually 105 but who's counting). Theres a lot more besides that, but those are the main highlights. So it should be enough to keep people interested until the next update.

Speaking of the next update, as promised I will reload the Ascension document every 10 days until I get things finished, so the next update will be August 21st. However, as I recently mentioned, I have to redo the Bestiary cover for the publisher. Which basically means thats going to take up the bulk of my time for the next ten days. So don't expect massive additions for the next update, though I will try to get as much of Chapter 4 and all the Divine, Cosmic, Transcendental and Omnific abilities done as possible, to make downloading worthwhile.

Thanks again to everyone for being so patient and supportive.

4th August 2006 Delays to Epic Bestiary Print Release!

Okay, I was just contacted by the publishers. It seems the distributors are not too keen on my cover for the Epic Bestiary: Volume One. They suggested something a bit more standard with full cover art and more of an illustrated logo. So basically I'm going to have to redo the cover which will take at least a week. This also means there won't be a September print release for the Bestiary. Sorry folks.

The release of the Ascension pdf will still be going ahead on the 11th of August. I won't be starting work on the new Bestiary cover until after that date. However, I don't expect that Ascension will be fully finished by the 11th, it will need a few more updates before its totally complete. So working on the cover could slow subsequent Ascension updates by about a week.

I'll keep you all appraised of the situation as it unfolds.

20th July 2006 Delays to Ascension pdf!

Okay, as those of you following the ENWorld thread will have gathered I will not be able to make the 21st July release date for Ascension. I apologise for that. I know this is the second missed deadline (and the last I promise), but I was tasked with making numerous changes to the Bestiary document prior to it going to the Printers and those menial duties coupled with some extra pages being added to Ascension (though don't worry I won't change the price regardless of how many extra pages end up in the final document which could be as many as 224 pages) have really knocked me back.

The new, and final release date I will set is the 11th August 2006. Whether or not I have a fully finished document by the 11th or not, I will release it regardless of whatever state of completion it is in. If incomplete (and I am guessing I won't have all the art completed by then, though it should at least have all the text completed by that stage) I will upload a new version every 10 days after the initial release until its fully finished.

I sincerely apologise for this inconvenience, I know people were looking forward to it tomorrow and I feel especially bad for making those who pre-ordered wait a few weeks longer.

As such, if anyone who pre-ordered Ascension is unwilling to wait another 3 weeks or in some way feels I have duped them. Feel free to email me and I will try to reimburse you by the most expedient means available to me.

17th July 2006 you know the Old Ones!?

The following is something cut from the Immortals Handbook: Ascension due to possible copyright infringements. Essentially its a table listing most of the known Old Ones. So its not quite a preview, but something similar. Anyway, here it is.

I also had an email a few days ago from the folks at RPG Junction, some of whom it seems are interested in my work. So I added them to my brethren (links) page.

Incidently I'll update again tonight with the latest progress report on Ascension.

28th June 2006 Progress Update!

Unfortunately it doesn't seem likely that I will be able to meet the July 4th release date for the Immortals Handbook: Ascension. So I must apologise for that. I should have a better idea of when I will be finished next week. I appreciate all the pre-orders, sorry for making you guys wait a week or two longer.

I have added the full Table of Contents to the preview on ENWorld Gamestore here. The first page of which is under the 'Table of Contents' link, while the second page is under the 'Excerpt 1' link.

11th June 2006 IH - Epic Bestiary: Volume One Print Version Announced!

Mongoose Publishing (under their Flaming Cobra imprint) have finally announced the print version of the Immortals Handbook - Epic Bestiary: Volume One here. I'd just like to say I am very happy to be working with them and thankful for the opportunity. The book is pencilled in for a September 2006 release, however, when I have final confirmation I will let you all know. Anyway, without further ado, here is the cover.

8th June 2006 Pre-order Problem With Visa Debit Cards?

Seems a few people are having problems pre-ordering Ascension at ENWorld Gamestore.

Just been informed of the following by them:

"Paypal, our credit card processor, doesn't appear to want to accept Visa Debit cards (perhaps other debit cards as well, but visa seems for sure). When testing, I assumed it didn't want to take my debit card because - well - it's a paypal debit card. I'm not sure why this is, but it just seems to be the case. For those having the problem, I suggest using paypal itself to make the purchase."

7th June 2006 Pre-order Ascension!

Immortals Handbook: Ascension is now available to pre-order ENWorld Game Store. The direct link to my product page is here. Pre-ordering saves you 10%. Pre-order price $12.50 (US Dollars), normal price $13.95 (208 pages).

I'll upload previews over the course of the next few days.

I'll also sort out the playtest document in a few days as well and get that to the appropriate people.

I still plan to have the text version available in about 2 weeks time, with the full art version ready in 4-5 weeks. With the caveat that this is me we are dealing with and I occasionally miss deadlines. :-p

7th June 2006 Immortals Handbook: Ascension Cover!

Incidently the image is Thrin versus Apophis/Apep (Hence the reason the flames look a bit like snakes). I'm still not happy with Thrin's breastplate, but it will have to do in the meantime.

3rd June 2006 For those who purchased the Bestiary from ENWorld Shop during May.

Just been told that due to the ENWorld server crash last month my Epic Bestiary reverted to version 1.2. I have since reloaded version 1.5 of the Bestiary. Anyone who purchased the Bestiary at ENWorld shop over the course of the past few weeks can download the update for free. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In other news. Ascension should be ready for pre-orders either Monday (5th) night or Tuesday (6th) morning.

27th May 2006 Addendum to Release Schedule!

Just been informed that I can initiate a pre-order scheme at ENWorld shop, that will probably solve my immediate dilemma. I'll probably have that ready sometime around the 2nd-4th of June. I'll probably still go ahead with the Beta release, however, I'll have more details over the coming few days as things unfold.

Some have also noted that my site email address is not functioning. So I have changed that over to my personal email address

26th May 2006 (Proprietry) Release Schedule for Ascension!

Okay I know I am hopeless at deadlines but heres the current plan:

  1. 2nd-4th June - Immortals Handbook: Ascension goes to the Editors/Playtesters...incidently I am still looking for another few Playtesters (preferably from amongst the ENWorld IH-thread regulars), so if you are interested, email or let me know on ENWorld.
  2. 16th-18th June - Immortals Handbook: Ascension Beta Release goes on sale at ENWorld. The Beta release will include all the text, the finished cover and hopefully close to one quarter of the interior illustrations.
  3. 30th June - 9th July - Immortals Handbook: Ascension Alpha Release goes on sale at ENWorld, RPGNow and DrivethruRPG). The alpha release is the finished version with all the text and well as updating any errata found in the beta release.

The reason for the Beta release is purely a financial one, I'm teetering on empty (my fault for taking so long between the release of the Bestiary and Ascension), so even a few weeks between Beta and Alpha releases will make a difference to me. Obviously, with all Beta sales being handled at ENWorld anyone who purchases the Beta release will get the Alpha update free.

Currently the price of the pdf looks set to be $13.50. Now I know that is more than the $11.95 I originally quoted, however, two things have since changed. Firstly, and most importantly, the page count is now almost surely going to be 192 (instead of 160). Secondly the american dollar just keeps getting weaker against the pound and the exchange rate is just killing me. However, I think the pdf is still very competitively priced for that amount of pages.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email or visit the current Immortals Handbook thread at ENWorld (in their House Rules forum) here.

I should have the first previews for the Immortals Handbook: Ascension on this website sometime between the 2nd-4th of June.

14th May 2006 The Theory of Superhero Relativity!

Long overdue, I finally ironed out all the kinks to this article which you can find here.

1st May 2006 Redesigned Bestiary Cover Illustration!

I cannot post the finished cover yet (because it has the publisher logo on it and they have not announced it yet) but here is the expanded and digitally remastered (thank you photoshop) Bestiary cover illustration.

In case you were wondering where half this page went to, I just created an archive for all the 2005 news here.

23rd April 2006 Early glimpse of Superhero Relativity!

Happy Saint Georges Day everyone! :+)

Another minor, but poignant update, adds comic book power levels to the scale, as you can see here.

20th April 2006 Added the Kardahsev Scale to the Conversion Table!

Apologies for the sloth of late, been very busy working on Apotheosis (now re-subtitled Ascension) and the new cover/layout design for the print version of the Bestiary. Anyway this minor update shows how the Kardashev Scale and Progress Levels fit into the Kosmos, as you can see here.

6th April 2006 Galactus (and the Silver Surfer)!

For those with cosmic campaigns I have detailed Galactus and his Herald the Silver Surfer here.

I should clarify that I still need to finish off a few things in both those entries, also any help would be appreciated. ;-)

19th March 2006 Minor News Update!

I am in the process of putting together the final draft of Chapter Four: Powers in the Immortals Handbook: Apotheosis, and I can report it will include 100 new epic feats, 200 new divine abilities and 100 new cosmic abilities. The Transcendental and Omnific powers still have to be finalised, and currently total 35 and 15 at this moment although that is subject to change (I'd like to finish with 50 and 25). Just to clarify:

Epic Feats < Divine Abilities < Cosmic Abilities < Transcendental Abilities < Omnific Abilities

13th March 2006 Cover Redesign Mock-ups!

I wanted to gauge feedback with the cover redesigns, which you can see here.

NEW UPDATE (19th March): I still cannot seem to rectify this problem and the webspace provider still has not contacted me on the matter. I did manage to post the images on this ENWorld thread here (scroll down the page a bit to post #566). I am currently at a loss how to solve this problem.

12th March 2006 Absolution: Part Four!

Okay I have been a bit slack with my updates lately, but I have been very busy with the next book and also the cover redesign for Volume One of the Epic Bestiary (for the print version). However, here is the final part of the series of articles on absolutes. Unfortunately I couldn't actually find all my old notes on this article, and I cannot remember whether or not this is what I had initially intended as the solution to the saving throw problem. Doh! I'll probably add a few comments to it here and there over the next few days, I'm sure I am forgetting a few things.

22nd February 2006 Drivethru RPG!

I was finally contacted by Drivethrurpg a few days ago, and I am happy to announce the Immortals Handbook - EPIC BESTIARY: Volume One, and all future products, will also be sold at Drivethrurpg (as well as RPGNow and Enworld gamestore). Okay so this is probably more exciting for me than for you, given most of you already own a copy of the Bestiary, but my initial plan was to have it on sale at those three shops, so its nice to finally get that sorted.

The above banner takes you to drivethru's main page, the Eternity Publishing page is here, and the Immortals Handbook - EPIC BESTIARY: Volume One page is here. I also updated my shop page, here.

17th February 2006 Thor, the Movie?

Okay, I am quite excited about the Ultimate Avengers animated movie coming out on DVD next week. So I thought, in honour of that, for a bit of fun, I would post up my own ideas on how to handle a live-action Mighty Thor movie, here.

16th February 2006 Heavy Metal!

I just added a new page, here, for special materials. First up is Neutronium.

12th February 2006 Wicked News!

Okay, bad pun. But its just been brought to my attention that the Immortals Handbook has its own wikipedia entry here. Furthermore its a receptacle for all sorts of cool epic monsters and npcs. So I suggest you go there and steal some ideas for your own epic/immortal campaigns. ;-)

Also I know some of you downloaded Version 1.5 of the Immortals Handbook EPIC BESTIARY: Volume One from RPGNow and the file was somehow corrupted. I have since been in contact with RPGNow and sent them the file again. They have said there is no problems this time. I am sure they will let people download again. I apologise for the inconvenience, something must have happened to the file during the initial upload.

10th February 2006 Latest News!

Okay, just a quick note to say that Version 1.5 of the Immortals Handbook - EPIC BESTIARY: Volume One has been uploaded to RPGNow. I also sent an email out from RPGNow to everyone who purchased it from the website to let them know they can download the update.

Also, even though it isn't the next product to be released, I just added the full monster list for Immortals Handbook - EPIC BESTIARY: Volume Two here (scroll down the page a bit).

10th February 2006 Design Poll!

I have created a new thread here, where you can go and vote for the header font to be used in the Immortals Handbook. There are eight choices on the design page (here), one of which is different from yesterday (Distorted Faith was replaced by the font Dreaming of Lilian).

9th February 2006 Immortals Handbook Design?

Okay I am still a bit slack with updating, but I have been busy. Version 1.5 of the Immortals Handbook Epic Bestiary Volume One is now available for download by people who have already purchased via ENWorld Gamestore. I don't have the update available for those who have already purchased via RPGNow as yet. The vendor setup at RPGNow is slightly more complicated and I am currently seeking help in how to update there, apologies for those people. As soon as I find out how to update, I will.

The debate as to the merits and pitfalls of the Immortals Handbook header font are still ongoing here. I have created a design page (here) where you can go and have a look at some alternative header fonts and see how they look when applied to the book.

23rd January 2006 Latest News!

Okay apologies for the lack of updates these few weeks. Been busy sorting out my tax return (first time I have had to do that), working on Apotheosis (and to a lesser extent Volume 2 of the Bestiary) and updating Volume One of the Epic Bestiary.

On that note I should point out that Volume One version 1.5 should be available shortly. I have the document virtually finished but some people have been questioning my choice of font on the headers. So there is a poll here where you can let me know what you think of it.

Also ENWorld poster Fieari, who has contributed to this website before, is in the process of starting up an epic PBEM (Play By EMail) game. If you are interested in signing up have a look here.

2nd January 2006 Demogorgon!

Okay I know I promised stats for Demogorgon a few days ago, so without further ado here he is.

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