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(Above) Epic Bestiary: Vol. I cover

Immortals Handbook
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(Above) Ascension PDF cover

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12th December 2007 Ascension Update!

I just updated Ascension. However, I should point out that although I added the front cover, its more or less lots of minor changes, errata, spelling, punctuation and so forth. Its not much of a showcase update (that will be next Wednesday *fingers crossed*) when I have a big interior art update. One element of the text that still needs fixing are the Portfolio Dominion sections. Apart from those and the final OGL section on the credits page I think I have fixed every piece of errata mentioned so far...?

One other thing, those people getting their updates via me (by email), I'll send them to you first thing tomorrow morning. It seems to have gotten very late all of a sudden and since its not one of those updates with major changes galore a few hours won't kill you.

5th December 2007 Ascension PDF Cover!

Here is a the Ascension pdf cover (the pdf won't have the Flaming Cobra logo on it, but the Print version will), hopefully I have the colours right this time...oh, and Ascension update tomorrow (or rather later today as its after midnight here).

18th November 2007 Twilight of the Gods!

Here is a quick web scan of the front cover painting. I'll still need to Photoshop the joins. The colours also look a tad extreme (I think it was a CMYK problem when I was opening in Photoshop). Let me know what you think?

18th November 2007 The Ascension Cover...!?

The good news is that the Ascension cover is basically finished (it needs about an hour of work to it, picking out minor details and so forth). But the bad news is that I won't be able to upload it until Tuesday/Wednesday. I work tonight and Monday night, then I am free the rest of the week. Apologies for the previous tease.

14th November 2007 Where Have You Been!?

Okay, so I have been conspicuous by my absence, but I have been hard at work painting and drawing. This weekend I'll be showing the Ascension cover, its almost finished.

14th November 2007 The Kilotonchiere!

If the Hecatonchiere isn't epic enough for your campaign try this.

20th September 2007 But hes got time for an...Interview!

I was recently interviewed (although that word seems too grandiose for what basically amounted to me answering some questions via email) here by Travis Henry who runs a Mystara website here, regarding what effect OD&D Immortals/Wrath of the Immortals had on my own Immortals Handbook series.

20th September 2007 4th Edition D&D and the Immortals Handbook!?

What effect will 4th edition have on the Immortals Handbook? The short term answer is none (lets wait until its out first), but for more discussion on the matter read this thread here.

20th September 2007 New Gods & Monsters Competition Entry!

I added a new entry to the Gods & Monsters competition. This one is by Mike Iffrig. Apologies to Mike for taking so long to put up the entry (Mike emailed it to me at the end of August), been a tad busy these past weeks.

20th September 2007 The Hecatonchiere!

Recent discussion here (post #811 onwards), on the Hecatonchiere prompted this revision of the Epic Level Handbook monster.

20th September 2007 Where Have You Been!?!

I apologise for the intolerable lack of web updates these past weeks. I'm having a nightmare time trying to get my work schedule changed and book some holidays (as in a break from 'work' so I can finish off Ascension, rather than any actual 'holiday'). Any free time I do have (which isn't much) is spent on the art or answering emails/message boards. Fingers crossed I'll have the Ascension cover up by this time next week. Then I will only be about seven days worth of interior illustrations from the finish line...of course when I will get those seven days is THE question. I'm trying my best and thanks for your patience on the matter, especially those who pre-ordered.

1st August 2007 How do I purchase Ascension!?!

Okay, I have had quite a few emails from people lately who are confused about how to buy Ascension. So I just want to clarify a few things.

  • Ascension is not yet for sale. It was available for pre-order a few months ago. Those people who pre-ordered received the beta release. The current beta release has the full text (minus some errata) and 25% of the art. If you have seen people talking or discussing the details of Ascension online, chances are those people have the beta version.
  • I stopped taking pre-orders for a number of reasons. Firstly my paypal account maxed out. Secondly the goalposts for a release date kept shifting and I didn't want to keep disappointing more people than I already had. Thirdly, ENWorld Shop was purchased by OneBookShelf, and I didn't feel comfortable releasing an incomplete product on any other site - in fact I am not even sure it could be done on those other sites.
  • Ascension should be ready this month (August). Okay, I've probably given a hundred different release dates, but if I hadn't started my new job it would have been finished in July easily. 25% of the art is completed, a further 50% of the art is in various stages of completion (mainly needing inked), the cover is drawn and just needs painted. The new job has affected progress, but I will be changing my hours as of this Friday to a less hectic schedule to give me more time to finish off Ascension.
  • If you have any further questions, feel free to email me:

20th July 2007 News Update!

I should also point out that I have recently started a second job (to pay the mounting bills until I start seeing the money for the Print Version of the Bestiary). If I find after one month that it is unduly affecting progress on any of the books I will cut back on the number of hours I am doing per week. I am currently two weeks in, and at this stage it looks like it is having too much of an impact for my liking, but that could just be because of the initial disruption to my eating, sleeping and working patterns (the job is night shift). If I can't get a handle on it by the start of August I'll be sure and change the situation.

18th July 2007 Ascension Update!

This version adds some of the art and the finished text (pre-errata).

5th July 2007 Gods & Monsters Competition Update!

I added another entry to the competition page, or rather added John Becaro's final entry...or at least a 25% scale version of it, which is about as much as my bandwidth will allow.

5th July 2007 Today's Ascension Art Preview!

I'll probably create a new page for all future Ascension art previews rather than sticking them on the news page, it could be becoming slow to load. But anyway, here is todays picture.

4th July 2007 Gods & Monsters Competition Rescheduling!

For those of you who remember the competition, I have extended the deadline to November. No point having it finish before I have Gods & Monsters ready.

I also received a new Typhon sketch from artist John Becaro which is so massive I don't think I can post it on the website in any legible form. Its got so much detail that even filling my computer screen I have to zoom in to see it. I'll probably have a special prize for John. You can see an early pencil sketch of John's on the competition page - this represents a minute fraction of his final entry (less than 1% I estimate so that gives you an idea of the scale) which is in black ink.

4th July 2007 Today's Ascension Art Preview!

Happy 4th July to those of you in the States. :+)

Not sure if the following illustration will make it into Ascension for a number of reasons...but here it is nonetheless...

3rd July 2007 Today's Ascension Art Preview!

Neutral Good vs. Neutral Evil!

2nd July 2007 Today's Ascension Art Preview!

Lawful Neutral vs. Chaotic Neutral. Enjoy!

1st July 2007 Another Ascension Art Preview!

Yesterday was Lawful Good vs. Chaotic Evil, today its Chaotic Good vs. Lawful Evil.

30th June 2007 Ascension Art Preview!

Okay, I thought I better start showing the Ascension art. I'll add a new pic every day.

13th June 2007 Dungeons & Dragons Movie Synopsis!

I have added the Revised Monk Class here, however, there are a few things I am still not totally happy with.

12th June 2007 Dungeons & Dragons Movie Synopsis!

As a bit of fun I typed up a few ideas here, I have had for what I think would make an exciting D&D movie.

Expect to see the Revised Monk Class tomorrow night. ;-)

11th June 2007 Epic Bestiary Print Version - On Sale Today!

Happy to announce the the print version of the Immortals Handbook - Epic Bestiary: Volume One is (finally) on sale as of today. :+)

You can order it online here.

4th June 2007 Revised Barbarian Class (Levels 1-40)!

I added the revised Barbarian here, I have also revised my revision of the Fighter here, based on feedback (thanks everyone for that)!

28th May 2007 Revised Fighter Class (Levels 1-40)!

I started a new column here, revising the core + epic classes up to level 40. The first article deals with the Fighter.

It also appears the print version of the Epic Bestiary has been put back to June 11th. As far as I know that will be the last delay.

21st May 2007 Epic Advice Column!

I created an epic advice column here, and a thread in the forum where you can ask new questions for the column (to be answered the following week), or discuss the existing questions/answers.

In other news, those eagle-eyed among you will note that the Print release of the Immortals Handbook - Epic Bestiary: Volume One has been put back 8 days (to the 29th May). There was a minor, last minute problem with the cover (not my fault I assure you), but its sorted now. Heck, it just wouldn't seem like an Eternity Publishing release without at least one delay now would it. :-p

2nd May 2007 Release Date for the Bestiary (Print Version)!

Okay, some of you found out a few days ago, the print version of the Immortals Handbook - Epic Bestiary: Volume One has been announced by Mongoose Publishing for release on Monday 21st May 2007.

You can order it online here.

Or, if ordering online isn't your thing, be sure and let your local gamestore know you want a copy, so they can get the book in for you!

Some interior art from the Epic Bestiary, clockwise from top left: Maskim (Ancient One), Malakim (Nebulous Deva), Syzygy (Brood Lord of Time), Cogent (World Flayer), Odium (Kiss of Death), Cometary Dragon.

27th April to 1st May 2007 Computer Problems!

Just to let you know I was offline over the above dates due to graphics card failure. Special thanks to Geoffrey Bowron for bailing me out.

26th April 2007 Ascension Updated!

I just updated Ascension, I think its three portfolio powers (Charity ~ Elder; Madness ~ First and Revenge ~ Quasi) and about three paragraphs of the Religion/Faith building pages from completion.

The art is also underway (as is the new cover) and I'll show some of that in the next update. ;-)

24th April 2007 Immortals for Castles & Crusades!

Simon sent me even more new material for those wanting to play epic/immortal-level Castles & Crusades. Once again that material can be found here.

In other news, the next update of Ascension will be on Thursday 26th April.

12th April 2007 Ascension Update!

I just updated Ascension. This version has the full page count although there are still a few bits of the text still to finish including some of the portfolio powers.

11th April 2007 News Update!

I added another entry to the competition page, and included the names of those so far.

I should be updating Ascension tomorrow night 12th April.

5th April 2007 Art Competition Update!

I added a competition page page with the first three illustrations. I have names but I am not sure which is which, so when I get confirmation I'll add those.

As for the next Ascension update, I have been trying to mix my time between the art and the remainder of the text. When I get all the text totally done I'll update. I'll be sure and let you all know a day or two in advance.

29th March 2007 Gods & Monsters Art Competition!

Okay my friend Mike Iffrig has this fascination with multi-headed dragons and has been on at me for ages to detail the hundred headed dragon Typhon in my books. So hes finally going to get his wish with Gods & Monsters. Hes also arranged a challenge to aspiring artists to come up with a version of Typhon just for fun...I think maybe he doesn't trust me on art duties. :-p Between us we decided to tie that in with Gods & Monsters and make a competition out of it. :+)

The rules are simple: Send in an illustration of Typhon, it can be black & white, colour and any medium you wish to use. The closing date for the competition is July 4th 2007.

Email entries to:

Put "Typhon" in the email title, and be sure to include your name and age.

Depending on how many entrants we get and what age they are I'll probably have multiple prizes of Immortals Handbook related 'stuff'. The winner will also (if they want) get to have their art used in the Immortals Handbook: Gods & Monsters itself.

I already have three submissions for the contest, but Mike didn't give me a name to go with each one, as soon as I get those I'll upload the images.

I should stress there is no right or wrong 'version' of Typhon. There are multiple different descriptions of him in Greek mythology, so let your imagination run wild. Below are two such descriptions just to give you a starting point.

"a vast grisly monster with a hundred snakelike heads "with dark flickering tongues" flashing fire from their eyes and a din of voices and a hundred serpents issuing from his thighs."

"Typhoeus was so huge that his head was said to brush the stars. He appeared man-shaped down to the thighs, with two coiled vipers in place of legs. Attached to his hands in place of fingers were a hundred serpent heads, fifty per hand. He was winged, with dirty matted hair and beard, pointed ears, and eyes flashing fire. According to some he had two hundred hands each with fifty serpents for fingers and a hundred heads, one in human form with the rest being heads of bulls, boars, serpents, lions and leopards. As a volcano-daimon, Typhoeus hurled red-hot rocks at the sky and storms of fire boiled from his mouth."

27th March 2007 Weak gods or powerful gods...YOU decide!

Simon sent me some new material which expands on his Easy Epic conversion system for Castles & Crusades. That material can be found here.

ENWorlder WarDragon also posted a version of the Greyhawk deity St. Cuthbert (converted using the Immortals Handbook rules) on the forums here. Be warned, it is Challenge Rating 90 and probably not for the faint-hearted! ;-)

22nd March 2007 News Update!

Okay, I have the portfolios fixed (barring some errata) as of Thursday night. I will be updating tomorrow (Friday) at about 7 pm GMT. I hope to have the other two missing pages of chapter one completed by then, which would mean the text was finished (barring the aforementioned errata).

I also created a new page for the Immortals Handbook: Gods & Monsters book here, which has a more in depth look at the book.

20th March 2007 Interesting Mythology Website!

ENWorlder Pssthpok earlier posted a link to a fantastic illustrated website of Japanese Mythology Monsters. Here is the link.

14th March 2007 Ascension Update!

I just updated. It has half the new portfolio tables. I will be updating again around about the 20th/21st and I should have all the text finished.

13th March 2007 News Update!

Okay, slight change of plan, I'll be updating tomorrow. I really want to get the new portfolio tables finished for this update. Regardless of what state the tables are in tomorrow though, I'll still update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

10th March 2007 News Update!

Just to let you know that the next update for Ascension will be on Tuesday the 13th. Apologies for skipping an update, prepping art for Ascension and getting sidetracked by other Immortals Handbook related work such as planning Gods & Monsters as well as Version 6 of the Challenge Rating/Encounter Level Document have distracted me this past week or so. But I am now back on the case as it were. ;-)

28th February 2007 Encounter Levels!

I recently discovered a flaw in my Challenge Rating/Encounter Level formula (CR x2 = EL +4), as such I have updated the following articles with the new formula (CR x2 = EL +6).

21st February 2007 Ascension Update!

I just updated Ascension. The portfolios are finished all but 5 individual powers. I cut the two pages on Religion Building at the last minute but they'll definately be in the next update.

Regarding the portfolios though, I'm just not happy with their layout. I think its much too confusing so what I am going to do is, firstly, convert each portfolio into a table, and secondly change the power names so that they match the appropriate divine abilities where possible. I think that way they will be much easier to read and implement at a glance.

18th February 2007 Epic Encounter Levels!

Added an article, here, on epic encounter levels including some revised challenge ratings from the Fiend Folio and a study of the Encounter Levels for the Quicksilver Hourglass epic adventure (from Dungeon #123).

I should also note that the next update of Ascension will be on Tuesday evening (GMT), where *fingers crossed* I should have the full text finished. ;-)

You may also noticed I chopped off the 2006 news to streamline this page. You can find that material in the news archive 2006.

12th February 2007 Simpler Epic Gaming!

Simon and his wife Ingrid are expecting their firstborn in a few months time. So I just wanted to take this time to publically wish them both the best.

Simon stopped by with a new Simony article about converting epic play to the Castles & Crusades rpg (which is sort of d20-lite) which you can find here.

11th February 2007 Ascension News!

Slight change of plans. A combination of my usual bungling, spending too much of this weeks update on Gods & Monsters instead of Ascension and the double debate distraction of solving both the body/mind/soul/spirit chains of divine abilities and the problems inherent in the ability score based portfolio weaknesses has caught up with me, making for a less than stellar update tonight.

So the offshoot of that is I will postpone the update for another day or two to catch up on Ascension. No I won't give another date just yet because I remember getting burned doing just that a few weeks back.

2nd February 2007 Ascension Updated!

I updated Ascension about an hour ago (its now 12:30 am, Feb 2nd), if you are wondering where all the sample deities are remember I am splitting Ascension into two books now, so the sample deities will be in the second book (probably to be called Gods & Monsters) which I am still in the process of reformatting. But don't worry if you preordered - you'll still get both books. ;-)

1st February 2007 Ascension Update Later Tonight!

Just to clarify, the next Ascension update will be tonight (probably at about 11:45 pm GMT). I finally added the Resonance rules, Outsider Advancement rules, Epic Spells for gaining (or stealing) divinity, fixed all the stuff (to date) listed in the Upper_Krust: Fix This thread on the forum, and got more work done on the Portfolios chapter.

31st January 2007 Mythology Made Fun!

I came across this on the internet, and thought it might interest a few of you out there. Its a book called The Little Book of Hindu Gods, it looks absolutely fantastic. I'll definately be picking up a copy at the first opportunity.

30th January 2007 Ascension News!

Hey all, as those of you following the forums over the past week or so will know, I plan to change the format of Ascension, in effect splitting it into two books in an effort to get the work finished sooner. So the two books will be:

  • Immortals Handbook: Ascension (160 pages) - basically this will comprise of the first four chapters to Ascension, in effect all the rules.
  • Immortals Handbook: Ascension Companion (64+ pages) - the bulk of this will be the former Appendices of Ascension, all the sample deities. As an added incentive I will also include rules on how to build Pantheons (which were going to be in the Immortals Handbook: Chronicle and some new mythological fact I may give it the subtitle Gods & Monsters. If there is anything you would like to see in this 'new' book, let me know in the forums.

Anyone who has already pre-ordered Ascension need not worry - they will still get both books! I can easily attach both pdfs as a zip file and upload them at the same time.

Incidently the next update of Ascension will be on Thursday 1st February.

20th January 2007 Ascension Update!

Updated a while ago, I still don't have the Portfolios finished, but I think I have about 2/3rds or thereabouts finished up to greater god status...I'll get there eventually. :-o

19th January 2007 News Update!

Okay, sincere apologies for the past week, I have been flip-flopping back and forth on when the next update was going to be and a lot of real life stuff has just been getting in the way. I thought I was going to be busy tomorrow, but my schedule has now been freed up, so I may as well take the extra day to work on Ascension and get us back into our semi-regular schedule of 10th, 20th and end of the month.

11th January 2007 Ascension v1.9 Update!

I just updated Ascension, but I still need another day to fix the portfolios - so I will update again as soon as possible and fingers crossed I'll have them done once and for all. ;-)

10th January 2007 News Update!

Okay, not the news you all wanted to hear, but I will be putting back the next Ascension update until tomorrow, Thursday 11th. The reason being that I am very close to finishing the portfolios completely and I think one more day should do it.

9th January 2007 Epic Spells!

Not of my own design, but I wanted to highlight the criminally underlooked epic spell pdf created by mercucio. You can go take a look at it here.

The next update of Ascension will be tomorrow at about 11pm (GMT).

1st January 2007 News Update!

Okay, I was going to update Ascension again tomorrow even with both Xmas and New Years holidays totally getting in the way, however, the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back was our electricity being switched off yesterday. I have worked about 5-6 days over the past 10 days, but at best they have been half days. So the next update is going to be Wednesday the 10th of January.

In other news I will be taking no more Ascension sales via this website. The reason being my paypal account is totally maxed until I get a credit card (which I can't see happening until the end of the year). So if you want Ascension you'll just have to wait until February (which is when I am predicting I'll have it on sale at RPGNow). Those people who have already pre-ordered - don't worry, you will still get the updates as they happen, this just applies to new customers.

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