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Immortals Handbook
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Gods & Monsters
(Closes July 2007)

...think yourself clever eh? Well the name of next week's monster is the...

Cherufe (Volcano God)

“...this muscular giant seems composed of magma itself with the heat surrounding it searing the air and distorting your view. Much like a mighty centaur but with the hindquarters of a lion and the torso of a humanoid. Its charcoal black skin is like basalt, cracked and broken in places and seeping white hot lava which rapidly cools into yellows and reds before reverting back into black stone. Its face is some horned demonic composite of lion and wolf, its glowing white eyes literally burn with fury. Two great curved horns, glowing white hot, end in snake-like heads. From its back, beat a pair of wings composed entirely of flame. While in its hands it carries a blackened metal sword whose tip glows white hot. Upon seeing you it roars a challenge and charges to attack...”

Chaos-spawn devastators. The cherufe are the corrupted brood of orichalcum dragons. Those few that find themselves on the earthly plane are worshipped by some as volcano gods, for it is in these areas they favor. Amidst the elemental chaos they can serve even more powerful monsters either as henchmen to demon princes or ‘mere’ guards for even more powerful primordials.

Cherufe Tactics
The cherufe will attack the strongest warrior with burning blade, branding it and attempting its tail snare for the follow-up ice bite the next round. Those at mid range will be accosted with its hotspots attack. Troublesome targets at long range will be subjected to magma missile.

Cherufe Lore
Religion DC 25: Very powerful elemental monsters who live in the heart of volcanoes.
Religion DC 30: Those cherufe who dwell in mortal realms are often worshipped as gods by some cultures. The cherufe are thought to actively cultivate this worship or at least tolerate it. Typically cherufe’s just destroy everything thats anathema to them. Some cherufe serve as henchmen for even more powerful creatures such as demon princes and primordials.
Religion DC 35: The cherufe can drain the heat from a target leaving only frozen husks which it delights in smashing.

Encounter Group
“Fight Fire with Fire”

Level 29 Encounter (XP 91,000)
. 2 chaos wights (level 27 skirmishers)
. 1 adze swarm (level 33 brute)
. 1 cherufe (level 30 elite soldier)

Level 30 Elite Soldier
Huge elemental humanoid (giant)
XP 38,000
Initiative +23 Senses Perception +22, darkvision
Heat Haze Aura 3, 15 fire damage and ranged attacks suffer a -2 penalty to attack against the cherufe (even if the attacker is outside the aura).
Ash Cloud (replaces heat haze when bloodied) Aura 5, 30 acid and fire damage and all enemies (inside and outside the cloud) suffer a -2 attack penalty against the cherufe.
HP 560; Bloodied 280
AC 46; Fortitude 44, Reflex 39, Will 41
Immune fire Resist 5 all (except cold); Vulnerable 10 cold
Saving Throws +2
Speed 12
Action Points
M Burning Blade (standard, at-will) - Fire, Weapon
Reach 4; +37 vs. AC; 3d8 + 11 damage plus an ongoing 15 fire damage (save ends) and the target is marked..
m Branded (marked target) - Fire
While marked the target cannot heal any fire damage dealt to it.
m Hotspots (move, at-will) - Fire
With a stomp the cherufe can cause a geyser of fire to erupt from the ground. Range 10; Close burst 1; +35 vs. Reflex; 2d6 + 11 fire damage and the target is knocked prone. These hotspots remain until the cherufe is slain dealing 10 points of fire damage to anyone passing through them.
M Tail Snare (minor; at-will) - Fire
Reach 5, +35 vs. Reflex; 2d6 + 11 fire damage and the target is pulled adjacent to the cherufe and grabbed (until escape).
m Ice Bite (standard; requires combat advantage, at-will) - Cold, Healing
The cherufe’s serpentine horns bite the target, draining the heat from its body. Reach 3; +37 vs. AC; 4d10 + 11 cold damage and the target is weakened (save ends). Any fire resistance the creature possesses is added to the damage it suffers from this attack! The cherufe heals for the same amount as the damage inflicted.
a Tectonic tear (standard; encounter; recharges when bloodied) - Fire
The cherufe plunges its blade into the ground causing a localized eruption of magma. Ranged 30; Close burst 3, +35 vs. Reflex; 5d10 + 11 fire damage and the target is knocked prone for the initial eruption. See minor volcanic eruption hazard.
r Magma Missile (standard; at-will) - Fire
The cherufe hurls part of its body at attackers, diminishing itself in the process. Range 60; Close Burst 1; +35 vs. Reflex; 3d8 + 11 damage plus 3d8 + 11 fire damage and 15 ongoing fire damage. After Effect: 10 ongoing fire damage. Each time the cherufe uses this attack it loses 30 hit points.
Magma Body - Fire
Any critical hit dealt upon the cherufe by a melee weapon weakens the attackers weapon (weapon deals half damage until repaired).
Alignment Chaotic Evil Languages Common
Skills Bluff +28, Intimidate +28
Str 32 (+26) Dex 21 (+21) Wis 15 (+17)
Con 32 (+26) Int 15 (+17) Cha 26 (+23)


Minor Volcanic Eruption
Level 26 Blaster
XP 9000
The ground suddenly explodes showering the area in magma and debris.
Hazard: The initial eruption fills an area equal to a close burst 3 then lava spreads out increasing the close burst by 1 square per round (up to close burst 10 after 7 rounds). In addition, smaller fractures can cause lesser geysers of lava to erupt if trod upon.
No check is necessary to notice the eruption
The eruption rolls initiative whenever one or more characters move within 10 squares of it.
Primary Attack
Standard Action Close Burst 3
Targets: Creatures in burst
Attack: +29 vs. Reflex
Hit: 5d10 + 11 fire damage and followup
Followup: +29 vs. Fortitude
Hit: Ongoing 15 fire damage and the target is knocked prone
Miss: Half Damage
Secondary Attack
Standard Action Close Burst 1
Targets: Creatures within 10 squares of the epicenter of the primary attack
Attack: +29 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d8 + 11 fire damage and followup
Followup: +29 vs. Fortitude
Hit: Ongoing 5 fire damage and the target is knocked prone
Miss: Half Damage
A character in the burst can minimize the damage with a DC 31 Athletics check made as an immediate interupt before the eruption’s attack. With a successful check, the character takes half damage if the eruption hits and no damage if it misses.
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