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Okay this page will feature links to monsters (or anything else, items, art etc.) created by people other than myself using elements from the Epic Bestiary (or future Immortals Handbook Product Line material). As such they represent an extra level of previews. If anyone else has any such material, be sure to email me and I will post the links on this page.

Update: something of a tidal wave of entries for this update. Possibly too many to detail individually. So I suggest you go here I suggest and have a look at the wikipedia entry for the Immortals Handbook

Monster: Psionic Cogent (Psionic World Flayer), CR 88

Created by: Shane O’Connor (a.k.a. Alzrius)

My Notes: Not a monster entry as such, but revision notes for turning the World Flayers in the Bestiary into psionic creatures, as they were initially envisioned. This also includes psionic revisions of the Metamagic Freedom and Automatic Metamagic Capacity epic feats from the Bestiary.


Monster: Atata Banshee (Time-Tortured Banshee), CR 31

Created by: Richard Winters (a.k.a. Fieari)

My Notes: Quite a clever use of the Atata Template from the Epic Bestiary, matching it with another creature with sonic-based abilities.


Monster: Maladric (Human Akalich Sorceror 68), CR 106

Created by: Richard Winters (a.k.a. Fieari)

My Notes: This is excellent and brilliantly expands on what was basically just a character name in an adventure idea. It also includes a new epic spell called Eternal Season. I should point out that although technically CR 106 by the official rules its actually a CR 83 monster (only add +2/3 CR for a Class Level). I originally got the idea for Maladric from the movie Legend of Zu, wherein the main bad guy had 10,000 souls and needed to be killed for each one before he would permanently die.


Monster: Lavos (Brobdingnagian Teratoid Tarrasque), CR 2091

Created by: Richard Winters (a.k.a. Fieari)

My Notes: This is probably the toughest version of the legendary Tarrasque seen so far! I know Richard based this on a monster from the videogame Chrono-Trigger, I guess now I'll have to dig out the SNES Emulator and see what all the fuss is about. I should add that the Challenge Rating is slightly off, although thats my fault this time, since Richard based it on an advance copy (he purchased the unofficial release) and then I went and changed things. Using the laetst build it should be CR 1558.

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