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Conversion Table 2: Divine Rank by HD/Levels

Conversion Table 1: Divine Rank by Comparisons

For those wishing to convert immortal monsters from 1st Edition AD&D to 3rd Edition (or indeed 3.5) use the following table. By 'immortal monsters', I am specifically refering to those intelligent unique beings listed with a hit point total, but no class levels, such as the Demon Princes, Archdukes of Hell, Lords of Elemental Evil and so forth.

To determine the hit dice for an immortal monster simply divide its original hit point total by 4.

eg. Demogorgons 200 hit points becomes 50 Hit Dice.

As the table shows, between 40-59 Outsider Hit Dice denotes a Lesser Deity. So Demogorgon would have the Lesser Deity Template, and bear the title of Demon King.

Conversion Table 2: Divine Rank by HD/Levels

Hit Points (1st Edition)
Hit Dice (3rd Edition)
Immortals Handbook
Demonic Titles
Demonic Champion
Demon Lord
Demon Prince
Lesser Deity
Demon King
Intermediate Deity
Demon Emperor
Greater Deity
Nether Sovereign

In some cases however, the immortal monsters hit points do not correspond to its known title. When this arises we must multiply by either x1.5, x2, x3, or x4 until their 1st Edition hit points fits within the parameters for beings of their known status.

eg. Orcus 120 hit points would only convert to Demi-deity when we know he is a peer of Demogorgon and a Demon Monarch in his own right. We therefore multiply Orcus 120 hit points by x1.5 to get 180 which fits within the Demon King parameters. We then divide this 180 hit points by 4 to get Orcus 3rd Edition total of 45 Hit Dice.

Use this technique if you wish to increase or decrease the power of specific immortals.

eg. If we wanted Demogorgon to be a mere Quasi-deity/Demon Lord then we would divide his hit points by 2 to make 100, and then divide by 4 to give him 25 Hit Dice. Whereas if we wanted to make Demogorgon a Greater Deity/Nether Sovereign we would multiply his hit points by 2 to make 400 and then divide by 4 to give him 100 Hit Dice.

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