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The following is a 4E adaptation/conversion of my 3E Godzilla found here.

Initially I had though perhaps Level 40 Solo Soldier would have been a good fit, hence the reason my 4E version of the Cloverfield Monster was a Level 36 Solo Brute. However, converting using my 3E to 4E converter (which you can find here) it seems as if the original converts to Level 35, which would mean the Cloverfield Monster should really convert to Level 31 or thereabouts (thinking it should be about Level 33 though).

The stats for Godzilla are interesting in that they raise the issue of how powerful nuclear weapons should be in 4th Edition. What we have to remember about 4E is that hit points (and therefore also damage) are relative. 1 hit point means something different at Level 30, than it does at Level 1.

For those keeping track of sizes, I suggest the following (I should note that the following stats for Godzilla don't use the full extent of the Mega-Damage Rules which will be included within the Vampire Bestiary. I may comeback and fix these stats after that book is released):

  • Levels 7-8 = minimum for Large
  • Levels 15-16 = minimum for Huge (Huge monsters should nearly always be Elites)
  • Levels 23-24 = minimum for Gargantuan (Gargantuan monsters should nearly always be solos)
  • Levels 31-32 = minimum for Mega-sized monsters (as big as a castle)
  • Levels 39-40 = minimum for Giga-sized monsters (as big as a mountain)
  • Levels 47-48 = minimum for Tera-sized monsters (as big as a planet)

Use of 'Godzilla' here is not done in the course of trade and is not intended as a challenge to any trademarks.


Level 35 Solo Soldier
Mega-gargantuan humanoid beast (aquatic, reptile)
XP 275,000
Initiative +19 Senses Perception +0
Dangerous Terrain Aura 30, those within this area must make a Reflex saving throw each round or suffer 4d10 damage from upchurned terrain, tremors or falling masonry from the general collateral damage caused by Godzilla's movement.
HP 1332; Bloodied 666
Regeneration 20
AC 49; Fortitude 55, Reflex 39, Will 47
Resist 20 to all damage
Saving Throws +5
Speed 100, swim 100
Action Points
m Claw (standard, at-will)
Reach 20; +42 vs. AC; 3d10 + 19
m Bite (standard, at-will)
Reach 20; +42 vs. AC; 3d10 + 19
m Stomp (move, at-will, usable against creatures smaller than Mega-size)
Reach 20; Close Blast 10; +40 vs. Reflex; 6d10 + 38 damage and any targets are stunned (save ends) and prone.
m Tail Sweep (minor, at-will)
Reach 60; Close Blast 40; +40 vs. Reflex; 2d10 + 19 damage and any targets are stunned (save ends) and prone.
R Atomic Breath (standard, recharge 5 6 ) Atomic
Range 1000; Wall 10 squares wide and up to 1000 squares in length; +40 vs. Reflex; 6d10 + 17 atomic damage. Miss: Half damage.
A Energy Pulse (standard, encounter, recharged when bloodied) Atomic
Close Burst 100; +40 vs. Reflex; 5d10 + 17 atomic damage. Miss: Half damage.
A Magnetic Pulse (standard, recharge 5 6)
Close Burst 100; +40 vs. Fortitude; (5d10 + 17 damage against grounded targets) otherwise no damage. Godzilla pulls all ferrous metal objects towards him. Anyone wearing metal armour is pulled to a square adjacent to Godzilla. Anyone holding a metal weapon (but not metal armour) must win a strength check against Godzilla's constitution to hold onto the weapon (Target's Str + d20 vs. Godzilla's Con + d20).
R Red Spiral Atomic Breath (while bloodied; standard, recharge 5 6 ) Atomic
Range 1000; Wall 10 squares wide and up to 1000 squares in length; +40 vs. Reflex; 12d10 + 34 atomic damage. Miss: Half damage.
A Frightening Presence (standard; encounter) • Fear
Close Burst 100; targets enemies; +40 vs. Will; the target is stunned until the end of Godzilla's next turn. Aftereffect: The target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends).
Mega Size
  • Godzilla is immune to any status effects from all beings of 30 levels or less.
  • Multiply all damage Godzilla deals by 10 against all beings with 30 Levels or less.
  • Godzilla has resist all 200 against attacks from beings with 30 levels or less.
  • Divide all damage Godzilla suffers by 10 against attacks from beings with 30 Levels or less.
A Death Throes (when reduced to 0 hit points)
 Those within the monsters space; +40 vs. Reflex; 8d10 + 17 and 20 ongoing and the target is stunned and prone (save ends all).
Alignment Unaligned Languages -
Str 49 (+37) Dex 14 (+17) Wis 30 (+25)
Con 45 (+35) Int 5 (+12) Cha 14 (+17)

Atomic Damage

These attacks deal damage on multiple levels, even going so far as to disrupt the targets very molecules. Atomic damage imparts a vulnerability (to all damage) equal to the damage itself. This vulnerability lasts until the target makes a successful saving throw and does stack with subsequent atomic damage.

e.g. If Godzilla's Atomic Breath deals 50 damage. That target loses 50 hit points and now has vulnerability 50 against all attacks (save ends). If Godzilla then stomps the target (before they have saved against the atomic damage) they take the stomp damage plus 50 (from the breath).

Standing over 300 ft. tall, this great reptile almost rises into the clouds. Its hide is covered in thick dark green scales, its back ridged with pale bone-like plating tapering down the length of its tail. With menacing glare and mighty roar it issues its challenge of supremacy.

Details of Godzillas history can be found at the fantastic Rodans Roost website here.


The term Megasaurs can be taken as refering to any creature larger than Titanic size (also known as Colossal+).

Megasaurs vs. Modern Weaponry (Low Physical Factor World)

Even main battle tanks (100mm cannon) will likely prove totally ineffective against megasaurs and be ignored. Battleship guns (400mm cannon) may just irk the great monsters enough to warrant their attention. Basically you need nuclear munitions to seriously stop megasaurs, of course then you have to contend with the collateral damage and radiation likely just as bad, perhaps worse than the damage the great beasts would have inflicted anyway. Also the fact that Megasaurs are often mutated from nuclear radiation means that atomic weaponry doesn't always have the desired effect on them. Hence the reason state of the art conventional weaponry is the preferred method of anti-megasaur equipment.

Japans Self-Defense Agency (JSDA) employ Super-X Main Sky Battle Tanks, whereas the United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Centre (UNGCC) G-Force have Electron Cannons, Maser Tanks and two mechas: MechaGodzilla and MOGERA. Consider Earth to be at Progress Level 6 for the purposes of representing the Toho movies using d20 Future.

It should be noted that the Toho Godzilla seems to exist in a low physical factor world since it just laughs off conventional weapon attacks.

Megasaurs vs. Modern Weaponry (High Physical Factor World)

Ignore the Mega-size rules.

It should be noted that the Hollywood Godzilla seems to exist in a high physical factor world, since it was taken down fairly easily by a couple of jet fighters.

Megasaurs vs. Epic/Immortal Campaigns

Introducing megasaurs into fantasy settings may be an interesting way of reshaping the geography. Only epic level characters, monsters or deities can stand against them. Perhaps special Councils have been set up to deal with the menace of megasaurs, employing epic level agents formed into assault teams, charged with the subdual of the great beasts.

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